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Analysis of Social Media Marketing And How it Will Impact 2020

Within the realm of social media, numerous worthy updates took place in the last few months.

In general, we always try to inform about several social media trends, however, it is not possible to keep up with every single update as the world is infinitely dynamic. Hence, we will discuss everything in one place today.

Twitter in 2020- How will it be?

Right now, 280 characters rule the twitter post, in 2018, it was a huge deal, but it is quite common today.

In reality, as a social media platform, Twitter has not changed much, but useful tweets still matters and good content has value. Twitter holds over 300 million users, but you are not here to impress all, so it is essential to compose content wisely. The only big thing on Twitter has never really affected genuine marketers, who are struggling to make a living in this world.

We all know how fake news is easily spread with Twitter, so 2020 be ready to witness some strict laws.

Hovering amidst Facebook in 2020

The word hover doesn't sound good, but then, it is the right word and most users generally hover on it the whole day.

As a matter of fact, Facebook is the real king of Social Media marketing. In the past two years, Facebook was anticipated to lose its grip on the world market, and with the situation, we can say that the engagement time on Facebook is seemingly decreasing. Many studies show that there is an average drop of 4 minutes of usage.

It is highly impactful when we consider a family of millions of users.

There might be some causes for this drop.

● Unlike Twitter, Facebook has fought to openly administer with false data.

● While both the social media applications have absolutely hammered the program, the common understanding is that Twitter is not doing well and Facebook is trying but is failing miserably.

● One alarming agent is that Facebook is not only used by the young generation but all age groups. However, it is losing users at a very shocking rate. As per many surveys, in the year 2019, Facebook has considerably lost 15 million users and the new generation is not motivated to have a facebook account.

Do you know what are these leading to? It is a huge platform for people to connect and do all sorts of marketing, it has helped many people gained their bread and butter, hence, it deserves all the attention. Talk about any digital marketing agency, no one will recommend you to abandon it, however, people can also relate to the additional or parallel platforms.

Instagram- The new Social media capital

Instagram seems to have painted a pretty face and is ready for 2020. It is glowing and their stories are increasing. More people are trying to associate with them with quirky and fun images. When it's 2020, you are no longer new to social media influencers.

many of them are huge follower lists and brands are willing to market their products with their accounts. Instagram is the new capital of Social Media and has many affordable yet impactful profiles. It is recommended to talk to leading social media marketing agencies about the right use of influencer and check what is there in the store for you.

These were some of the latest updates for panel sosmed social media, make sure you go through them to understand, which is the most profitable field.

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