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Last week we brought you Roy getting to grips

with night vision in his bathroom – well Mr

Crow also has a big problem with rats at the


AND a problem with the quality of Roy’s footage.

Roy’s was a waste of time.

A faulty door on a new straw barn has left

Andy’s bales exposed to rat attack and it

needs sorting.

There have been other bales parked here.

This is where they started chewing it.

They chew through the net wrap to get to the

corn, because there is no feed.

The only feed is in these.

This one here – you can see this look, they

have chewed all this into it.

This is rape straw, we have got rat poison

in here, but why do they want to go for the

rat poison when they can chew into these bales

and find the odd bit of grain in there.

So what’s to be done – well Andy’s brought

in an old friend to tackle the problem and

to have some seriously good sport.

Dave, like so many of you out there likes

to use a bit of initiative, or in other words

ebay, to open up new air rifling opportunities

and he’s agreed to talk us through it.

Ok well I have bought this old camcorder off

ebay, but you must make sure you use the night

shot mode ok.

There is a lot of camcorders out there but

you must make sure it has got this night mode

shot on it.

I basically got…there is a thread by the

front of the lense and I bought this adaptor

which is like a filter wheel or something

like that and araldited it on to this old

lense cap.

So that then screws, if I line it up, yes

it does screw onto there like that, screws

on there.

I just put that around there, pop that on

that ok.

This is a hawk scope.

Now slightly crude this piece of plastic and

this very important piece of cardboard goes

in there to sort the height out.

I will make the proper thing one day.

Courtesy of the Post Office, elastic bands,

put around that battery and that camcorder

as crude as it is, is actually is now nicely

on there and that is not going to fall off.

Ok now it does have its own infra red illuminator

on this side here which you would use if you

were filming people if you were

standing two or three metres away from them.

That is pretty much as good as they get.

Now obviously if we do this in there it just

gets lost and you can see it is tucked behind

so much stuff here it would never get out


So then you obviously introduce this which

is an infra red laser it works off this small

battery pack here which are four AA’s, it

has this on off switch which I put behind

this rubber band here and you just squeeze.

I would do it this side actually if I was

left handed, just squeeze that like that on

and off and as I say I haven’t done a lot

of this yet, but it seems to be as you know

it seems to be getting the results we need.

Better than Roy’s.

I don’t want to be getting involved with anything

like that to be honest.

So yes, that is pretty much the set up.

A lot of this you can see is home made but

in a way that is the glory of how cheap this

sort of stuff is now to buy.

Yes, it is not three or four grand.

Old scope mounts knocking about…

So how much do you reckon this lot has cost


Well obviously we know the rifle is not cheap…

No just the night sight bit.

Got this for £70, the rubber bands I got

off the post man at Christmas.

Good man, good man.

Packing plastic from my house.

Filter wheel I think literally £2 off ebay.

Old scope lense, old scope cap, some araldite

so we are still not up to a lot of money.

This I think, I would have to look, they are

about £100 I think.

It is an infra red laser.

There are lots on Youtube.

A lot of airgun people doing this and you

can see them.

They have got similar set ups, but people

just change it slightly to what they want


So we’re looking at about 200 pounds for Dave’s

set-up but after last week’s programme we

had a few emails, about night vision bargains

including one from Stephen Stubbs from the

PigeonWatch forum who made his set-up for

52 pounds…

If you are watching this on YouTube, click

on the link on the screen to look at his videos

of how he did that.

If any one else has some cost saving tips,

night vision or otherwise we’d love to hear

about them.

Back to rats and Andy’s not just here to look

pretty and shout encouragement in the dark.

He’s the Goose to Dave’s Maverick, guiding

towards the intended target.

Talk to me, Goose.

I spot them with this.

It is like a binocular just look through.

I look right round the shed, find the rat

and then David, he has got his spotter on

the top, but when he puts that on it it is

bright and I can see where it is in the shed

and I just talk him in right, right, right,

left, left, left and he goes onto it.

And as soon as he is on it because that is

so tight, as soon as he is on it he can see

it on the screen.

Gets the cross hair on it, live mice trap private label smack, dead.

Now, although what follows is a fine example

of precision pest control – at times it might

sound as if pilot and navigator are strapped

in to different aircraft.. let’s start with

a bit of rat on rat action and then Dave and

Andy can take it away…

There we go…I told you there were two there.

What the hell…that has got a dead rat.

He has and all, he has.

Look, look.

You have got to kill that.

You are recording it as well.


Where has he gone…there he is …

Look at that.

Where has he gone…

I turned the switch off.

Yes, well shot.

Look at that, so clear…

Right, right, right, uppy, uppy…uppy, uppy

a bit…righty, righty…

Oh missed it…

That went straight through that …

Where is it…it is round the back

Down, down, down, get on down, left in there,

right, right, right

I can’t get in there…

I have got no pellets left.

There he is.

There’s two more down there.

They will come back out, there you go.

What on top of the …

No, down, down, down near the camera

I can’t remember where it is…

…up, up, up there can you see it?

Yes, one, two.

Say when you are ready…

Ready…right fast, fast, stop, up, right


Right, right, right, stop there about…there

he is.

It’s a beaver…

That last rat wasn’t a beaver!

But then again Andy doesn’t take a size 5

Jack Pyke boot either!

My feet are a size seven and half.

These rats are…I would say he is about a

good 18″ long head to toe.

We will take him home and eat him.

It’s been a successful evening’s ratting and

although we thought night vision would spoil

the social side of shooting – this method

certainly keeps everyone involved and entertained.

And remember if you have got a simple but

effective way of saving your fellow shooters

a few pounds with night vision or anything

else, drop me a line and we’ll spread the

word – charlie@fieldsportschannel.tv


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