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The Trump Factor



It is the end of 2019 and we are finishing the 3rd year of the Trump administration. Here are a few observations about what is changed. I am feeling positive about our future but at the same time apprehensive about the division. This division is real and exhibited in our day to day conversations with our family, our friends and our neighbors and our colleagues.

– Dec. 2019

The Various Segments…

Here is what I see changed in the various venues or areas of our lives.

  • Economy – taxes, trade, jobs, deficits,
  • Social – race, abortion, immigration, education
  • Religious –
  • Political – 2nd Amendment
  • Media – bias, fake news
  • Foreign policy, terrorism, military
  • courts
  • climate change, energy, environment


Trump has a major 우리카지노쿠폰 impact on our economy. His policies has lead to the DOW index rising by 10,000 points since his election, 54% rise in 3 years. Just think, if you were invested in the market all this time, you have doubled your investment in just 3 years. That is a 18% return per year on average. WOW.

The major tax reform act in 30 years. The reduction of government regulations that held back new business formation. The renegotiation of trade with our neighbors USMCA and with with China. The reverse of anti fossil fuel policies of the Obama administration. All these policies has affected the economy and jobs in a major shift.

Plot of DOW last 5 Years


Trump has changed the conversation. He has put focus on the border and immigration problem. He has reversed the race baiting of the Obama administration. He is a supporter of Pro Life policies. He has changed our direction in terms of higher education and trade schools which leads to a real job.

iStock Image


Trump is bringing back «Merry Christmas» again. He has stated on many occasions that we are going to say Merry Christmas instead of the generic Happy Holidays. This will have a positive effect on our culture. The political correctness of recent years is not a healthy environment. We need to celebrate our past and our culture and be proud of who we are. This has little to do with violating the «separation of church and state» statue. We are a Christian nation and Christmas is an official national holiday, declared by Congress.


Trump has also changed politics as we knew it. It used to be Democrats against Republicans in DC. Now, Trump has changed the debate between Washington insiders vs. the outsiders. Regardless of party, he redefined the problem of DC as one being run by the «swamp». These people made their career being bureaucrats in DC getting rich at the expense of the people who elected them. They are being influenced by big donors and large international corporations. They are not looking out for the people.

Trump, 우리카지노추천 despite of not being a conservative, has done more to advance conservative policies and principles since Ronald Reagan. That is going to be his legacy.


One of the side benefit of a Trump Administration is exposing the biased media for who they are. For conservatives, we had to live with this for many decades ever since Reagan. Now, with Trump, the gloves came off. The media is no longer hiding their bias. They just can’t help it. Their hatred for Trump has lead to their own demise. It was reported just this year the media lost 7700 jobs. Could not have happened to a more deserving group. They have made themselves irrelevant. There overall approval rate is lower than Trump and even lower than the Congress.

The Media

Foreign Policy

From Israel, to North Korea to Iran to Syria and the Middle East, Trump has made his impact. His efforts against ISIS is a resounding success. He is clearly going a different path and departing from the Obama administration of acceptance. He unleashed our military to decimate ISIS and killed their leader.

Another difference from Obama is his support for the military. His increased budget to fund the military has a noticeable effect. In order to fund this, he had to increase our debt and that is not a good strategy in my opinion. Military security goes hand in hand with economic security.

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Capital


Trump has appointed two originalists to the Supreme Court. In addition, he has appointed over 100 lower court judgeships. These positions are key to shaping our future for decades to come. Long after Trump leaves office, his effects will be felt by the court decisions made by these mostly conservative judges.

Justice Kavanaugh Swearing In

Climate Change

Under Obama, we signed on the Paris Accord. Under Trump, he withdrew from the Paris Accord. Trump believe the accord was unfair to the US. He also dialed back the power of the EPA.

Trump also reverse the decision against the building of the XL pipeline.

Time Person of the Year – A 16 Year Old Activist

Prediction Vs. Reality

The Disconnect…

There is a huge disconnect between reality and perception on the part of some people. This last decade as shown by the cartoon above was one if the best and yet, we have people like Greta Thunberg who thinks we are destroying our planet due to human caused climate change. We also have a Congresswoman named AOC who thinks the world will end in 12 years. We have a smart businessman named Elon Musk who warns that AI robots will take over the world if we are not careful.

Another complaint I often hear is the moral character failings of Trump. Yet, these same people were silent or even defended Bill Clinton in his impeachment because they said that was a «personal matter.» The shoe on the other foot test just didn’t fit.


The Trump Factor is real. Whether you are a supporter or a detractor, 메리트카지노 you can witness the changes sweeping our nation. It affects many segments of our lives. For some of us, these are a good sign, but for others it is troubling. Here is the major divide. Our world views are clashing and coming ahead. Who is right and who is wrong? That may not be the correct way to look at this. The proper way is to look at results. Policies generally leads to consequences. What policies changed and what was the effect of those changes on our society?

The bottom line is, while Congress is distracted with impeachment, Trump is getting things done for the American people.

Like him or hate him, Trump will go down in history as one of the most consequential figure of our times.


I would be remised if I did not comment on the Trump impeachment proceeding happening right now in Congress.

This is the result of 3 years of investigation into Trump collusion with Russia and later the phone call with the new Ukraine president.

What we have here is a segment of the population, including the media and the Democratic party and the Washington insiders and unelected bureaucrats who do not accept the election of Trump as legitimate. They have taken upon themselves to try and remove Trump any way they see fit including charges of impeachment.

It will fail as all the other charges has proven to be false or concocted. In fact, the latest IG report is so damning. They have taken upon themselves to unseat a sitting president duly elected by the people. This is corruption at the highest level of our government. It is not an exaggeration that the House of Cards is reality being truer than fiction.

The Democratic Leadership

Priceless Moment – Speaker Pelosi

The Shameless Media

A Reality Check

What Is Going On?

In the latest aftermath of the Iranian general’s killing by US drones, we are seeing two very different messages. The main stream media on the one hand, along with the Democratic candidates running for president, blames Trump for the escalation in violence and conflict in this region. Meanwhile, an Iranian American, posted a video that has gone viral, 우리카지노사이트 praising Trump for making a tough decision of taking out a long time terrorist that is feared by its own citizens.

What are we to make of this? What is the truth?

Why is it so hard to get at the truth these days?

What or who is creating this haze, or confusion or doubt?

Shouldn’t all Americans be on the same side? regardless of our political differences, it used to be the internal disagreements stop at our borders. When it comes to foreign policy, we should all be on the same page and support our President and our troops.

In a week when Trump has signed two major trade deals, one with China and 퍼스트카지노쿠폰 one with our neighbors of Mexico and 퍼스트카지노이벤트 Canada, he is being impeached by the House of Representatives and sent over to the Senate for trial.

It is bizarre that these events happen to coincide on the same day.

Meanwhile, wall street seems to be on a tear, rising above 29,000 on the DOW.

We are living in «interesting times»…

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